Adinegara at Art Fair

Create Artworks! This kind of whisper from inside my heart has always been there and getting even stronger since I started to work with clay, yet I understood that before I can make the artwork that I have in mind (and notes) I have to be as proficient as possible with my hands on working with clay. With my proficiency progressing up I started to try working on something like sculptures & abstract objects, and I found the creation process was so fulfilling, but I realize the challenge is much bigger although I'm working on the same material, fine art is whole different kind of career and world from what I was working on.

Circa 2019 a good friend of mine told me a surprise that he is going to be participating in an art fair and wanted me to be one of the artists in the event, given such an opportunity I started to work on (and finished) a new artwork with such vigor, then pandemic hits, hard. The fair got postponed year after year and with so many things going on with Adinegara I made very little progress with artwork considering the amount of time that passed. Fast forward to this year we got confirmation that the art fair is a go, but my friend told me that he no longer wanted to run the fair, and asked me if I want to make use of the space available. In the sea of fear and uncertainty, I decided to give it a go to take a dip into the art industry, with that I have to spare a lot of time in creating artwork for the event, also the reason why I have not been able to dish out a new collection chapter for Adinegara.

With me getting really busy with the work, Eka has to manage the event by herself, get in touch with the event coordinator, put thoughts into the space arrangement, logistics, and so on and so on. Yes, it's a one-man-one-woman arrange-it-all show to make it happen, then there we were on Art moments Jakarta 2022.

In this fair, we exhibit 13 ceramic artworks from 3 ceramic artists Reynold Adinegara, Tians, and Reza F. Abiyyu with their own signature style and creation language. the details on each artist and work can be seen on a dedicated page HERE.

Participating in such a new world was a huge learning opportunity for us, we get to know the people of the industry, grasping the concept of the art field from the kind people that shared their knowledge allowing us closer to understanding the progression and the dynamic. With all the challenges, quirks, and emotions that arose from the event, I really think this slice of life is actually the embodiment of the artwork series "Longing" expressing how a longing needs to be broken down, matured, and re-assembled for it to manifest (check it out HERE). This step we took will lead us to the journey of creating more works of art, we are really looking forward to it and we hope you are as excited as we are! Let's go!

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