Adinegara's 3D Model

Welcome to the website of Adinegara ceramic. We have created a set of stunning 3D file of our selected ceramic collection that are available for download by interior designers and architects. These files can be used as previews to help envision how the artist's ceramic pieces will look in a space.
The 3D file showcases a different piece of ceramic art created by Reynold Adinegara, available for 3ds Max and Sketch Up. The files are high-quality and have been designed to accurately represent the artist's work. Interior designers and architects can easily download the files and incorporate them into their 3D designs to create a realistic and stunning preview.
The 3D files provide a convenient and efficient way for designers and architects to preview the artist's work and determine which pieces will best suit their project. The files are also a great way for clients to visualize how the artist's ceramics will look in their space before making a purchase.
In addition to the 3D files, Adinegara website features a gallery of our ceramic art. Visitors can browse through the gallery to see more examples of the artist's work and get a sense of our unique style.
We hope that the 3D files provided here will be a valuable resource for interior designers and architects, and we look forward to seeing how these beautiful pieces of art will be incorporated into your projects.
If you are inspired in exploring ceramic for your project, feel free to drop us an email to and we can discuss it further!