Revamped! has been live for around 17 months to this day, it has been a huge aspect to my journey in ceramic by helping you to reach out to my products 24/7, but first & foremost I have to thank you, our loyal customer, without your support and love none of these would come into matter! This was the very first website that I have ever made intended for web shopping (Thank you Shopify for making everything easier!) and I would say the website works perfectly for my needs, then comes a slice of life that allows me to rethink about the intentions of my work.

Adinegara Ceramics was started with a journey full of story and passion for liberty, before the pandemic it was so much easier to share the story behind my journey & creations tête-à-tête and so much fun to in doing so, I am praying to the world to heal ASAP. Within the whole month of lockdown that we all going through, I was given time to reflect on my works as a whole and the parts that support it, in this case During this challenging situation the website has been very helpful in our creation continuity, but not so much in sharing my passion to a creation and the messages around it due to the design was heavily on the shopping part. I came into conclusion that I should make a major change to the website.

I pointed out that Adinegara ceramics was started with a journey full of story and passion for liberty, this has become the basis of the new website and my work in general, I want you and another visitor able to know the story and the thoughts that comes with my product even before you get in see the ceramics in the shopping page. After some tinkering with website design (template :p) and a major resolve to start blogging, Voila! Here I present to you the new that I am proud of! I hope that this website not only helping you to get the ceramics comfortably but also inspires you in the way that the clay inspired me.


Celebrating this new face and spirit of, I am giving away a piece of ceramics to one lucky participant! What you have to do to participate is leave a comment in this blog post about what you wanna see in the future posts that I will do, and don't forget to leave your Instagram account name for us to reach out to you. Thank you!



Vanie cj

First encounter with adinegara pieces throu instagram 1 year ago and fall in love with the earthly color simplycity and yet precisely made. I would like to see adinegara push more boundaries maybe making such a big pieces 🙂


When I saw your making process video, you inspired me to take ceramic class. I did take the class and obviously it wasn’t easy!

It would be great if you could share some of tips and trick how to make a piece “anti gagal” :))


Would love to see how you start the journey, the up and down, your inspiration, and the process.


Angie Giovanni

Would love to see more of your thought process — from sketches of conception, stories behind it, to execution… also would love to see some collaboration with other ceramics artist perhaps various interpretation of a single theme!


Shadrina Sahidu

My first encounter with adinegara ceramic is the time I exchanged messages sharing stories of my new love of pottery with ci Santi from Fredhelligh. Little did I know that moment led to my first purchase from Adinegara, then another purchase, more purchases, and beyond that I actually started to take classes and even bought my first wheel as your craft is inspiring. Will be thrilled to read stories about how you as an artist finally take a leap of faith doing what you passionate the most as well as how and what have influenced your style and design.


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