Chapter 001

Hello! I am back in the blog post~! I am so excited about this post because I finally found my solution to the ever-difficult collection release. This is it! A release by chapter, like a book that is ready to be unraveled through time, from now on the collections will be released (finger-crossed) monthly. The content of each collection is like a family dining table where there is an abundance on the table, a mix of everything good for the soul.



This Chapter 001 is a mix of past and future, where I try to convey a story in my ceramic works from what I am comfortable with in terms of shape and clay, and also my vision for the future, filled with experimental shapes and textures but still true to my style.



One of you, my lovely supporters, asked me "Why is it so many cute shapes for planters, and rarely new shape for tablewares?" it got me thinking, yeah why didn't do it? It stuck in my mind for a long time, until I finally made this series of white bowls. I am so enjoying the exploration which includes something made in Kohiki style, I even go a bit further into bending the shape and see how it goes. I am pretty sure these series will be the first ones to be sold, care for a bet?



The vases collection is getting some love now, adding some refined classic shapes back into your selection and some new edgy shape. Moving forward in craft requires a lot of test and reference, from the basic bottle-shaped vase I wanted to give a modern touch to it. Using white clay and adding a cap and a longer neck, I can feel that it will work in any kind of space and make it pop to the eye, and somehow it reminded me of the Baobab tree, do you think so?


Here are some of my proudest latest works, why? Because in the process of making this ceramic, it embodies the value of Wabi-Sabi deeply, I felt a liberating feeling when adding the texture and wrapping the shape as the technique requires, the balance that was initially made is challenged when the applying more clay for the texture which in return creating it's on balance with the organic texture. Glazing with my trustful ash glaze in this series is also the best fitting. All in all, I hope you can feel my passion for these pieces.

There are still plenty of other stuff in this collection and the best way to find out is to check the collection page, Let's go!

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