Pebble Vase

A collection of smallest ceramics that I made to date is here! These pebble vases are a miniature to the Ishi vases, the line of vases where my craft is basis and growing on. The size of these pebble vases are non actually in the size of pebble, which should be smaller, yet the sound that they made when I hold them together is very similar to when I held a handful of pebble, hence the name.

Miniature, small, and even micro vases are not something new in ceramics world, there are plenty on ceramic artists who made their own small ceramics or even focusing only on the small pieces. Mine however started as a fun ending after I finished throwing-off-the-hump (a throwing technique for a continuous throwing using a big hump of clay) which usually leaving a small portion of clay on the wheel. I was just having fun when it comes to me that it might be fun to turn this leftovers into a mini vase, so I did and I only make one after at every end of my throwing session.

When they are fired and looks very adorable, I can see that my instagram followers (you) are so excited to these little pieces and I decided to make the very first series of pebble vase. Here's the catch, I want to make the adoption becomes more interesting and fun because that is the soul of these pebble vases, FUN. This collection will be available to adopt in gacha system where you will get a random 1 of the 20 pieces available, it's gonna be a pleasant surprise when you open the box!

Get your lucky box of Pebble Vase Here!

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You are one talented artist! And all your products and deaign are timeless and elegant. And i can even feel the positive energy & soul from every pieces of your design. Yhere is no doubt that this will go international and will be sought after by many 🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🙏😍. Amazing work😍🤩

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