Planters Incoming at Kultivar Lokal


Hello planter lovers, a small batch of planters is back! Any of you noticed that it has been a while since the last time I dropped a new batch of planters at Kultivar Lokal? If you do notice, yes I have been on a hiatus from making planters for you guys because in the past couple of months I have been swamped in a personal project and R&D for glazes (an arduous process, ugh!). Luckily I found myself a little time to enjoy making some planters. Since last few batches, I have been making a rather bigger size, this time I made some smaller planters as requested by Frans Muller from Kultivar, and I do still have some big planters that were waiting patiently for me to fire them (they might say 'Finally!').

I wonder what kind of plants that you guys are going to put into the planters, but I sure hope that they are gonna be a nice home for your beloved plants! You can grab the planters on Kultivar Lokal's live shopping on Friday 13th of August at 21.00 WIB. Keep your eyes open on their Instagram and to get you ready, here are some sneak peek.

all images credited to Frans Muller from Kultivar Lokal

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