Recess and Ignition

Do you notice that our webshop and social media have been quiet for the past couple of months? Yes, it's all due to unprecedented circumstances & I would like to share the story with you. Hopefully, you'll be excited about the outcome of my recess!

First of all, it is due time for us to announce that our offline store time in Kumulo BSD has ended, but worry not! Our online store and social media DM are always open for you. The experience and energy that you shared with us during the offline store period were so valuable for us to prepare for the long-term vision and mission in the future; I aim to give you a better experience with Adinegara ceramics.

Closing one establishment means that I have furniture that needs a new place, and I consider this is the right moment to enlarge my working studio. Unsurprisingly this takes more of my time from working with clay to monitoring the renovation of my studio and even making a communal area, thankfully the work is now done. The studio is now more spacious and comfortable for 2 to 3 people working and moving around, so maybe I can build a team to work together (fingers crossed).

Do you notice that I wrote "communal area''? Care to guess the area's purpose? If you answered "Workshop area!", you are 50% right! You are only half right because the activity we are preparing at the communal area would be more than a workshop. The concept would be the clay-ceramic experience where you interact with clay and ceramic on multiple stages. We plan for the activity to be ready by January, so stay tuned. I will prepare a more elaborate post regarding the clay-ceramic experience as soon as I can- keep your excitement high!

That is the news from us! I am excited that I can go back into making more ceramics for you!



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I was heartbroken by the sad news that the offline store has closed :‘( but the new upcoming activities are very exciting and hopefully I’ll be allowed to rejoin and be able to join the team soon …

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