Yukikaze, a Planter Series

All Pictures credited to Frans Muller (@holamuller)

Creating a ceramic planter is one of my favorite when it comes to pottery because I only have 2 simple rules for a good planter, enough space for the designated plant's root & planting media, a good water and air flow on the top and the bottom of the planter. After that comes the slightly harder part, how the composition and aesthetic will harmonized with the plant which means the planters should not under/over power the plants on it, this comes with experience and communication with the plant enthusiasts which in my case I talked with people in Kultivar Lokal (@Kultivar.Lokal).

Then the life long journey part is to make it distinct that the work express my passion, technicalities, and sense. By far people knows my work from the minimalism and earthy elements of the ceramics, these principles are the base of my creations and without losing them I always want to explore to find new character that I can adopt and integrate to my work. Internet is an amazing place as I would say over and over again, one time I found an amazing potter from Japan, Kazuya Ishida (@bizen_Kazuya), his works are amazing and I am so grateful for this sharing culture where he posted some of the technique that he employ on his work. I was inspired to try and test the technique hence it born Yukikaze, with the local clay, my base principles, and my hands to translate what I learnt from Kazuya.

Yukikaze (雪風) which means "Snow Wind" in Japanese, also idiomatically snowstorm or blizzard. The curving lines and white color elements that comes from above and then settles bellow after a slant expressed the behavior of the name perfectly. In a more profound thoughts, a life inside us will grow stronger regardless the snowstorm that surrounds us.

These collection is available to purchase at Kultivar Lokal (@Kultivar.Lokal), send them an enquiry about the ceramic and I am sure they'll be happy to assist you even they will suggest what kind of planters that goes well with them if you ask nicely :)


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